Welcome to Acoustical Design; it’s a simple choice; we offer your business innovative acoustical solutions for the medical, entertainment commercial and domestic market.

More than 35 years

Spanning over four decades of supply to both local and international clients, we offer a full-circle solution from design, manufacture and the implementation of acoustic solutions to audiologists, ENT specialists, hospitals and other specialist facilities.

With expertise in the performing arts space, recording studios and rehearsal facilities, your performance is in the best of hands with our full design and consulting capacity matched with our manufacturing expertise.

We also offer comprehensive noise audits and complex permit work for all your acoustic requirements for both the commercial and domestic market.
With a complete range of both bespoke and off-the-shelf solutions for all your acoustic needs, our acoustical expertise spans nation-wide with our specialist team of staff. We offer services in the industrial, commercial and domestic sectors.

Our Expertise

With a solid business based on decades of experience and expertise, Acoustical Design maintains a trained ear on the emerging trends of the future generations.

From the medical, environmental, or industrial to the entertainment industry, Acoustical Design has been called upon to offer custom solutions to optimise people’s auditory experience. This may be a restaurant, concert hall, practice area or a medical facility for testing hearing, or ensuring privacy and sound proofing for the highest level of secure conversation. In these areas and many more our team has been involved in the design and implementation of practical sollutions.

Our team

Our team are ready to listen to your needs, whether a large scale commercial installation or a private recording studio we seek to offer a turn-key solution that ticks all the boxes from function to budget.

With specialist advice and design capabilities we can turn an idea from a concept to a reality and have done so for some of the world’s leading brands from Village, Hoyts and Kodak to more local solutions for ACMI and The Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne.

We offering premium solutions through experience and client care.