At Acoustical Design our Acoustic Consultants are highly trained to ensure that your acoustic report is not only according to Australian standards but it is a highly usable document.

  • functionality is key
  • accuracy is fundamental
  • results are easy to interpret

With state of the art acoustic equipment our team of acoustic consultants are always ready for a new challenge. We offer acoustic advice to schools, offices, churches, auditorium and restaurants whose acoustic environment is incompatible with their proposed function.

Our consultants ensure that internal structural walls, floors and ceilings are carefully designed to avoid expensive issues of structure-borne noise. And external claddings must be specified to contain noise generated internally or externally. Windows, floor coverings and a plethora of factors are all considered as part of our acoustic reports depending on your needs and requirements.

A significant component of our environmental noise advice is in the offering of assistance to those who are generating noise – assisting businesses and organisations to maintain or achieve EPA guidelines. Our team of acoustic consultants offer call-out services both day and night to help you comply with relevant regulations. We also offer Noise Limiters and Acoustic Panels (and more) to achieve a satisfactory acoustic outcome for the entertainment industry and leisure activities.

Whether it’s the dog next door, the factory over the road, or the disco late on Saturday night we can help you to reduce the impact. Our acoustic monitoring service will assist in ascertaining if a breach of the EPA or local guidelines has occurred. The best practical course of action can then be suggested to you by our team in preparing a strategy to move forward.

Arranging a site visit to carry out audiometric testing and training your staff in the effects of noise or assessing the noise levels in your plant is just a phone call away. Strategies can be outlined and implemented to ensure your compliance with the occupational health & safety regulations, making your office and factory a healthier place to work.

We also provide acoustic reports that monitor aircraft noise, reducing noise from industrial and mining operations, providing music level monitors in discos to control internal noise levels, protecting the residential environment from industrial and transportation noise, recommendations on double glazed windows and acoustic doors to reduce noise impact, designing music practice rooms and studios, improving speech intelligibility within teleconference areas and meeting spaces and ensuring confidentiality and privacy between interview or consulting rooms.

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