Designing an acoustic solution for a high-end restaurants takes a keen eye for detail as well as a clear understanding of how patrons react in a given space. Too many acoustic panels or acoustic treatment renders an environment dull and patrons respond quietly, and once an upbeat environment can lose its vibe entirely. Too little treatment and why bother at all?

Our acoustic consultants understand exactly what is required and when we were invited to Melbourne’s trendy Venetian Eatery, Vaporetto we knew careful design and sympathetic install was required.

Our acoustic panels offer a subtle solution to any restaurant, or a bold statement if required. With Vaporetto, the interior is a stunning blend of modern with reclaimed Venetian fixtures and fittings so one truly is exported for an evening to the Blue Lagoon. The last thing that is required is ugly panels to remind patrons that the architect had not thought about acoustic when the premises was designed! A common problem our acoustic consultants are often called to rectify! And so a seamless installation was designed an undertaken, where the panels match exactly the wall and ceiling colour so views of the Lagoon remain uninterrupted but the ambiance is now perfect. Patrons often feel the change but can’t quite work out what has happened. And that is the magic of acoustic panels and our team of acoustic consultants!