Acoustic panels reduce the reverberation or echo inside a given space. Ever been to a noisy restaurant and wondered why its so hard to hear? Too many reflective surfaces result in a long reverberation time, and it simply takes a long time for any noise to dissipate. Its easily solved, whether the problem occurs in a boardroom, cafe or exhibition space, acoustic panels will assist to reduce noise.

Childcare acoustics, restaurant acoustics or gallery acoustics, are all spaces that are acoustic consultants become involved specifying quantities and exact location of panels.

Teachers in schools, diners in restaurants or worse, even in high level negotiations can be turned into a joke due to poor acoustics. With the current trend in modern architecture for large open spaces with sharp and clean surfaces, what is often neglected is absorptive finishes designed to make a space liveable. Concrete, glass and stainless steel create a very live space perfect for orchestral recitals not for board meetings or restaurant patrons. It is not too late to incorporate a suitable acoustic treatment, and acoustic panels into your premises enhancing not only the acoustic quality but also its visual appearance.

We offer a range of finishes on our acoustic panels, with upholstered or steel facings for a more industrial look.

Our acoustic panels can be mounted on either the wall or ceiling using the supplied tracking system. The acoustic panels are easy to install and can be either installed by our own installation team or by the client.

Our Range of Acoustic Panels Include

  • Q wall and Ceiling Panels – 32mm panels NRC >0.9
  • Super Sound Wall and Ceiling Panels – 55mm NRC >0.95
  • Powder Coated Perforated Steel wall or Ceiling Panels – 50mm NRC >0.8
  • Acoustic Studio Foam Tiles including Convoluted, Pyramid and Gable style