EPA Required Testing SEPP N-1, NIRV & SEPP N-2


In the Melbourne metropolitan area, the State Environment Protection Policy (Control of Noise from Commerce, Industry and Trade) No. N-1 sets limits for noise from industry. SEPP N-l aims to protect people from the effects of noise in noise sensitive areas where people sleep, or carry out other normal domestic activities.

In Regional Victoria the EPA have recognised that a range of other environmental issues need to be taken into account. As such they have recently implemented the Noise in Regional Victoria (NIRV) policy guidelines.

So whether you are in the metro area or regional Victoria our team are fully equipped to you.



The State Environment Protection Policy (Control of Music Noise from Public Places) No. N-2 aims to protect residents from levels of music noise that may affect the beneficial uses of noise sensitive areas, while recognising the community demand for a wide range of musical entertainment. Noise requirements based on this policy are often included in a venue’s liquor licence or planning permit.

Whether you are seeking an extension to your current permit, setting up a new facility or have been requested by council to have a compliance test, our team are ready to assist you.