OHS Dosimetry & Hearing Screening

OHS Dosimetry

To monitor employee noise exposure is an essential component of your OH&S requirements and we offer the approved procedures to conduct the necessary recordings. Our staff are trained to use noise dosimeters as per the (Australian Standard AS/NZS 1269:2005) and have our equipment calibrated every two years. Using the optimum in technology our dosimeter’s are lightweight and ensure work proceeds with minimal disruption. We make sure the test group of staff are reflective of normal work conditions and that normal work tasks will not be impeded by the dosimeter during the period of testing. Analysis of results and required reporting for OH&S will be provided.

Hearing Testing

Acoustical Design provides onsite hearing testing for staff as required by Victorian Occupational Health (OH&S) and your State's relevant regulations. Accurate test results and necessary referral and evaluations are conducted by our friendly staff either as a one off or as per your requirements.
Offering the provision of onsite testing, we can ensure as little disruption to your productivity as possible. Our staff are highly trained, efficient and with testing provided in your workplace, it’s a highly cost effective service.

Workplace Noise Assessments

We can also conduct Workplace Noise Assessments with the monitoring of individual staff and their exposure to noise, and advise on potential areas of excessive noise. Ensuring best practice for your workplace with the appropriate measure taken to provide hearing protection for staff is part of our service and expertise.