Our Premium range of Studios have a wide range of applications including sound recording, voice overs, television production and multimedia. Our studios are fully demountable allowing them to be moved to other sites as your company or organisation requires. Such easy relocation of the studio makes it the perfect solution for leased facilities.

Constructed from steel clad panels, our studios have multiple interior finish options tailored to your specifications. The exterior is finished with a high quality surface colour also fully optional. Acoustical Design Studios are available in standard sizes and an unlimited range of configurations to suite the most specific of facility requirements.

Acoustical Design Studios are designed to the highest standards of acoustic integrity with optimum reverberation time combined with superior flat response and spacial equalisation.


  • High Performance Noise Reduction
  • Prefabricated Modular Construction
  • Choice of Internal Linings and External Finishes
  • Easy Safety-Release Doors with Acoustic Double Door Seals
  • Double Glazed Viewing Window
  • Acoustically integrated Floor System
  • Sound isolation Pads beneath Flooring
  • Forced Ventilation with Option to Connect to Existing Air-conditioning
  • Integrated Patch Panel and Power Outlet options

RMIT Sial Lab

Melbourne Museum

Customisable Internals

Recording Studio Suite